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  • textile products, textile product, fabrics, fabric, upholstery fabrics, upholstery fabric, jaquard fabrics, jaquard fabric, chenille fabrics, chenille fabric, artificial leathers, artifical leather, home textiles, home textile, linens, linens set, linens sets, bedspreads, bedspread, curtains, curtain, tablecloths, tablecloth, napkins, napkin, pillows, pillow, blankets, blanket, bed sheets, bed sheet, bags, bag, covers, cover, cushions, cushion, women bags, women bag, laptop bag, laptop bag, tape
    "Hibaş Textile" company was founded in Turkey in Bursa in 2001 year. In 2009 year company has established Apolena brand. "Apolena" – is the company with complete production
    Telephone: +90 224 261 20 55 Address: DOSAB Papatya Sok. No: 6/1 Bursa, TURKEY
  • synthetic leather, synthetic leathers, pvc leather, pvc leathers, pu leather, pu leathers, artificial leather, artificial leathers, shoes lining leathers, slippers line leathers, bags leathers, clothing leathers, upholstery leathers, stationery leathers, shoes lining synthetic lethers, slippers line synthetic lethers, bags synthetic lethers, clothing synthetic lethers, upholstery synthetic lethers, stationery synthetic lethers, shoes lining artificial lethers, slippers line artificial lethers, bags artificial lethers, clothing artificial lethers, upholstery artificial lethers, stationery artificial lethers
    Our kind of synthetic leather products; PVC leather, PU leather. We produce artificial leather; shoes, clothes, cars, houses and is used in the manufacture of office furniture and
    Telephone: +90 342 337 49 40 - +90 342 337 49 41 Address: 2. Org. San. Bölg., Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, No: 14, Başpınar, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • artificial leather, fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, knitted woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, uphostery fabrics, clothing fabrics, shoes fabrics, slippery fabrics, bag fabrics, stationary fabrics, diary fabrics, uphostery artificial leathers, clothing artificial leathers, shoes artificial leathers, slippery artificial leathers, bag artificial leathers, stationary artificial leathers, diary artificial leathers, fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, knitted woven fabric, nonwoven fabric
    As Contract Artificial Leather we manufacture and supply artificial leather, fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, knitted woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, uphostery fabrics,
    Telephone: +90 216 909 07 23 + 90 537 813 58 30 Address: Eğitim Mah., Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad., No: 151/A 2. İşlik Marmara Üniv. Göztepe Kampüsü, Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • chemicals, chemical products, leather chemicals, leathers, dyes, rawhides, raw hides, auto spare parts, polymers, homopolymers, leathers for shoes, leathers for footwears, leathers for garments, leathers for clothings, furs for garments, furs for clothings, suede leathers, suede leathers for garments, polypropylene homopolymers, polysterenes, automobile spare parts, citroen spare parts, ford spare parts, honda spare parts, hyundai spare parts, chemical, chemical product, leather chemical, leather, dye
    Leading Leather Chemicals exporter World wide Professional and competitive International Acid and Fur dyes bussiness Standart quality, best service, reasonable price
    Telephone: +90 216 3535455 Address: Deri OSB Mah., Kumpas Cad., No: 10/A, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • turkish delights, desserts, chocolates, halvah, halva, sugar candies, candies, confectioneries, fruit sweets, giftwares, gifts, souvenirs, sultan turkish delights, baby chocolates, hand made chocolates, dragees, souvenir chocolates, madlen chocolates, croquants, cezerye, honey, fruit leathers, dried fruit roll-up, dried fruit rollup, engagement chocolates
    Hacı Şerif has been a family company producing desserts, candies and Turkish delights with four generations since 1938. It was founded at a small workshop in Denizli and it has
    Telephone: +90 258 264 19 38 Address: Saraylar Mah., 2. Ticari Yol No: 25/B, Denizli, Turkey
  • textile products, fabrics, fabric, lining fabrics, fabrics for home textile products, patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, fabrics for office, sequin fabrics, violet patterned fabrics, floral patterned fabrics, silvery textile products, office furniture fabrics, artificial leather, upholstery leathers, pvc leather for furnishing, pvc coated polyester upholstery fabrics, pu coated polyester upholstery fabrics, polyester upholstery fabrics, emitation leather
    Aşanteks Group looks brand and production with a new opening. Aşanteks has produced Upholstery Artificial Leather and Fabric for Home and Office Furniture since 1986 Which creates
    Telephone: +90 212 437 30 30 Address: Yıldırım Mah. Tuna Sok. No : 47 Bayrampaşa - İstanbul, Turkey
  • leather, leathers, shoe leather, shoe leathers
    Telephone: 0352 635 67 97 Address: Develi Kayseri Yolu 27 Km.Pk.21 Develi, Turkey
  • leather products, leather product, nubuck products, nubuck leathers, suede leathers, suede leather, artificial leathers, artificial leather, mink coat, leather accessories
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of leather products, nubuck products, nubuck leathers, suede leathers, artificial leathers, leather accessories... We will be glad to be your
    Telephone: +90 532 285 50 26  Address: ORDU CADDESİ CİHAN SARAY İŞ MERKEZİ NO: 71 / 9-10-11 LALELİ/ FATİH, İSTANBUL, Turkey
  • We are a leather jacket manufacturer in South Africa who now import leather garments. We are a registered brand "BASSETT" and suppliers to both chains and independant stores.
    Telephone: +27 21 447 4007 Address: 3rd Floor, Sharp House 368 Main Road Observatory Cape Town 7925 South Africa
  • electrical materials, cables, electric cables, textiles, textile materials, marbles, natural stones, food products, agricultural products, machinery, machines, leather products, leathers, cements, construction materials, building materials, metals, irons, steels, forest products, furnitures, conductors, aluminum conductors, Cable machinery, cable machine, extruder, extrusion, wire, copper, aluminium, stranding, twisting, cable, textile, marble, natural stone, leather, metal, furniture, conductor
    Diamon Technical Service and Trading Co is located in Denizli, Turkey to serve the development for the purpose of general trading and importing. DIAMON is continuing consultancy
    Telephone: +90 534 276 04 80 Address: Saraylar Mah., Hastahane Cad., No: 4, Fehmi Cillov İşhanı Kat: 2 No: 204, Merkezefendi, Denizli, Turkey
  • artificial leathers, artificial leather, imitation leathers, imitation leather, upholstery artificial leather, shoes leather, shoes artificial leather, artificial leather for bags, artificial leather for garments, garments artificial leather, artificial leather for medical, automotive artificial leather, artificial leather for automotive, promotion artificial leathers
    Ege Suni Deri is a brand of Güzelcan A.S. which has been going on for many generations, which has a background of some 100 years and which is the pioneer and the leader of its
    Telephone: +90 232 853 12 12 Address: 6119 Sk. No:15/1 Kat:1 Büro:1 Işıkkent İzmir, Turkey
  • finished leathers, genuine Lleather
    Established in the year : 21.03.197. Importer - Exporter Code Number : 0496027042. VAT TIN Number : 33201522833. Bank : Axis Bank Limited. Number of employees : 20
    Telephone: 0091-44-28342946 Address: 65, North Usman Road, T. Nagar
  • home textiles, household linens, home textile products, towels, bathrobes, linens, bed linens, mats, towel mats, peshtemals, leather products, rawhides, raw hides, shagreens, parfleches, unprocessed leathers, leathers, raw leather products, towel mats, cattle skins, sheep skins, goat skins, fur skins, cattle leather products, sheepskin products, goat leather products, fur leather products, raw skins, raw leather materials, stock rawhide products, raw skins of sheep, leat
    We have been growing day by day among exclusive companies today which we started in 1994 in Denizli with small steps. Seeing and knowing customers satisfaction and prioritizing
    Telephone: +90 258 251 59 90 - +90 542 598 21 32  Address: Eskihisar Mah. 8092 Sok. No:3 Merkezefendi - Denizli, Turkey
  • leather products, leathers for belts, split leather, buffalo leather, beef leather, cattle hides, buffalo hides, splitting hides, chemical products, paints, auxiliary chemicals
    Founded in 1996, our organization has been serving the manufacturing sector. 100% real beef, buffalo and split leather, our company will keep its technological renewed itself at
    Telephone: +90 212 458 88 46  Address: Mimar Hayrettin Mah. Divan-ı Ali Sok. Anadolu İş Mrk. No: 9/4 Gedikpaşa, Beyazıt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • artificial leather, polyurethane systems, artificial leathers, polyurethane system
    Telephone: 2123252595 Address: Levent, Turkey
  • leather products, leathers, leather, leather shoes, rawhide, rawhide products, raw hide, raw hide materials, unprocessed leather, unprocessed leathers
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of leather products, leathers, leather, leather shoes, rawhide, rawhide products, raw hide, raw hide materials, unprocessed leather,
    Telephone: +90 212 517 27 64 Address: Bali paşa yokuşu tuna han no:20/a Beyazıt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • leather products, leathers, leather, artificial leather, imitation leather, labels, textile labels, hotel slippers, promotional bags, kitchen aprons, leather wristbands, leather accessories, white labels, gift products
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of leather products, leathers, leather, artificial leather, imitation leather, labels, textile labels, hotel slippers, promotional bags,
    Telephone: +90 535 951 54 09 Address: Yenidoğan Mah. Numunebağ Cad. Ulubatlı Sok No:30/A Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • finished leathers, leather bags, leather goods, leather shoes
    Telephone: 93786730 Address: KOWLOON.
  • shoes, leather, boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, leather shoes, slippers, leathers slippers, sandals, safety shoes, footwear, sneakers, export, import, world company, running shoes, trailer, crane, hydrolic equipment, dumper
    ### About World Company World Company is a international trade company. It was founded in Konya/Turkey at 2012. Since its inception heavily engaged in exporting leather
    Telephone: +90 5376706751 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, Makparsan Sanayi Sitesi, 10615. Sokak, NO:5, Karatay, Konya, TURKEY
  • leather, leathers, fur, furs, clothing, clothings, leather clothing, leather clothings
    Telephone: 02126790970 Address: Sümer Mah. Adnan Kahveci Cad. No:105/A Zeytinburnu, Turkey
  • rawhides, leathers, raw hides, unprocessed leathers, leather products, unprocessed leather products, processed leathers, processed leather products, small cattle leathers, goat leathers, capricorn leathers, lamb leathers, sheep leathers, rawhide, leather, raw hide, unprocessed leather, leather product, unprocessed leather product, processed leather, processed leather product, small cattle leather, goat leather, capricorn leather, lamb leather, sheep leather, wet blue, wetblue, woman and man shoes, bags, woman and man garment
    YAĞMUR LEATHER comes right at this point; without losing any values from its production line, with escalating motivation and excitement towards domestic and foreign markets,
    Telephone: +90 276 222 09 00 / +90 542 2338406 Address: Karma Deri Org. San. Böl., 10. Cad, No: 26, Uşak, Türkiye
  • leather products, leather product, artificial leathers, artificial leather, skin types, skin type
    Telephone: 02128790734 Address: Beylikdüzü-İstanbul, Turkey
  • artificial leather, artificial leathers, leather, leathers
    Telephone: 02128790734 Address: Beylikdüzü-İstanbul, Turkey
  • shoes, sandals, boots, wholesale, leathers
    Telephone: +90 533 6014396 Address: Selamet mh. Bekirdede sk. No:13-A Osmangazi/BURSA TURKEY
  • artificial leather, artificial leathers, fabrics, upholstery fabrics, upholstery leather fabrics, upholstery artificial leather fabrics, artificial leather for bags, artificial leather for clothes, artificial leather for shoes, artificial leather for belts, artificial leather for agenda, artificial leather for diary
    Alfa Tekstil was founded in 1991. “Our company is supplier and exporter of artificial leathers, upholstery artificial leather fabrics, artificial leather for bags, artificial
    Telephone: +90 212 472 01 75 Address: Ataturk Mah., I.E.T.T. Garajı Yanı S.S. Marmara San. Sitesi, Fuar Teshir Binası, Ikitelli-K.Cekmece 34306 Istanbul, Turkey
  • bovine leathers, calfskin, chrome tanned, combined tanned, croupons, genuine leather, leather, leather brand, raw, shoes, sole, vegetable tanned sole leather, welt, wet blue
    Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather, Leather, Sole, Raw, Shoes, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish
    Telephone: +905333043646 Address: Deri Organize San. Böl. Kaklik, Denizli, Turkey
  • calf leather, goatskin, hot press leathers, leather, leather for bags, leather for belt, leather for handbags, leather for lining, leather for shoe, leather for shoes, leather lining, natural leather, plated press leather, sheepskin, shoe leather, shoemaking leather, tanned calf leather
    Beta Deri was established in Kazlicesme district of Istanbul in 1983. Operating in leather industry, company offers high quality leathers for its valuable customers by
    Telephone: +90 212 549 64 07 Address: Aymakoop San. Sit., B-7 Blok, No: 50, Ikitelli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • leather belt, leather belts, leather product, leather products, leathercraft, leathercrafts, nubuck leather product, nubuck leather products, nubuck product, nubuck products, suede, suede leathers
    Our company formerly established in 1949 and continues to its business in our 14.000 squaremeters factory since 1993 in İstanbul Organized Leather Industrial Zone. We can produce
    Telephone: +90 216 394 15 00 Address: İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Sama Cad. No: 10/A Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • garment leather, shoe leather, bags leather, leather, leathers, leather for bags, leather for handbags, leather for clothing, leather for clothes, clothing leather, leather for shoe
    Der-Ay Leather Industry LLC was established in 1980, trading garment leather, shoe leather, bags leather. Aiming to meet the demands in the industry and considering the needs of
    Telephone: +90 212 679 17 33 / +90 212 664 90 18  Address: Gökalp Mah. 34. Sk. No:58 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul, Turkey
  • leather, hot press leathers, tanned calf leather, calf leather, plated press leather, earthwork suede leather, natural leather, split suede leather, washable leathers, lacquer, washed lacquer, shoemaking leather, leather for shoe, shoe leather, leather for shoes, leather lining, leather for lining
    To invest on their prior experiences in leather industry and a determined way of overcoming the incompetetiveness observed in the market, Cahit, Murat and İsmail İNAL brothers
    Telephone: +90 212 458 96 75 / +90 212 638 46 38 Address: Emin Sinan Mah.Hamam Cad.Neviye Sok.No:1/A Gedikpaşa İstanbul/Turkey
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