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  • sponge, felt, spring, soft pvc, bed packing, fiber, fibre, wire, quilted, quilting, upholstered, padded, zipper, shock absorber, welding wire, wadding, profile, hard pvc, bedding fabric, elastic column, upholstery leather, upholstery, adhesive, packaging products, bed mechanisms, sponges, felts, springs, soft pvcs, bed packings, fibers, fibres, wires, zippers, shock absorbers, welding wires, waddings, profiles, hard pvcs, bedding fabrics, elastic columns, upholstery leathers, upholsteries, adhesives, packaging product, bed mechanism
    Offering services as a supplier company in its sector, Anadolu Elyaf was launched by Mesut Şen in 1999. Whatever was thought in those years, it hasn't changed today. With an
    Telephone: +90 224 364 51 50 Address: Küçükbalıklı Mahallesi, Onundilek Sokak, No:4-1, Bursa, Turkey
  • textile products, textile product, fabrics, fabric, upholstery fabrics, upholstery fabric, jaquard fabrics, jaquard fabric, chenille fabrics, chenille fabric, artificial leathers, artifical leather, home textiles, home textile, linens, linens set, linens sets, bedspreads, bedspread, curtains, curtain, tablecloths, tablecloth, napkins, napkin, pillows, pillow, blankets, blanket, bed sheets, bed sheet, bags, bag, covers, cover, cushions, cushion, women bags, women bag, laptop bag, laptop bag, tape
    "Hibaş Textile" company was founded in Turkey in Bursa in 2001 year. In 2009 year company has established Apolena brand. "Apolena" – is the company with complete production
    Telephone: +90 224 261 20 55 Address: DOSAB Papatya Sok. No: 6/1 Bursa, TURKEY
  • textile products, fabrics, fabric, lining fabrics, fabrics for home textile products, patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, fabrics for office, sequin fabrics, violet patterned fabrics, floral patterned fabrics, silvery textile products, office furniture fabrics, artificial leather, upholstery leathers, pvc leather for furnishing, pvc coated polyester upholstery fabrics, pu coated polyester upholstery fabrics, polyester upholstery fabrics, emitation leather
    Aşanteks Group looks brand and production with a new opening. Aşanteks has produced Upholstery Artificial Leather and Fabric for Home and Office Furniture since 1986 Which creates
    Telephone: +90 212 437 30 30 Address: Yıldırım Mah. Tuna Sok. No : 47 Bayrampaşa - İstanbul, Turkey
  • leather, artificial leather, imitation leather, leatherette, faux leather, synthetic leather, synthetical leather, leathers, artificial leathers, imitation leathers, leatherettes, faux leathers, synthetic leathers, synthetical leathers, upholstery leathers, artificial upholstery leathers, imitation upholstery leathers, faux upholstery leathers, synthetic upholstery leathers, synthetical upholstery leathers, upholstery leatherettes, chair upholstery leatherettes, chair synthetic leathers, chair artifical leathers, chair imitation leathers, upholstery leather, artificial upholstery leather, imitation upholstery leather, faux upholstery leather, synthetic upholstery leather, synthetical upholstery leather, upholstery leatherettes, chair upholstery leatherettes, chair synthetic leather, chair artifical leather, chair imitation leather, polyurethane leathers, vinyl leathers, synthetic garment leathers, synthetical garment leaters, artificial garment leathers, imitation garment leathers, synthetic garment leather, artificial garment leather
    Since its founding in 2007, Deha Leather has been a significant contributor to the Turkish economy and has been a pioneer in the artificial leather sector, which is one of the
    Telephone: +90 212 458 46 53 Address: İOSB Aymakoop SS. C3 Blok No: 21, İkitelli, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • artificial leathers, artificial leather, imitation leathers, imitation leather, upholstery artificial leather, shoes leather, shoes artificial leather, artificial leather for bags, artificial leather for garments, garments artificial leather, artificial leather for medical, automotive artificial leather, artificial leather for automotive, promotion artificial leathers
    Ege Suni Deri is a brand of Güzelcan A.S. which has been going on for many generations, which has a background of some 100 years and which is the pioneer and the leader of its
    Telephone: +90 232 853 12 12 Address: 6119 Sk. No:15/1 Kat:1 Büro:1 Işıkkent İzmir, Turkey
  • synthetic leather, synthetic leathers, pvc leather, pvc leathers, pu leather, pu leathers, artificial leather, artificial leathers, shoes lining leathers, slippers line leathers, bags leathers, clothing leathers, upholstery leathers, stationery leathers, shoes lining synthetic lethers, slippers line synthetic lethers, bags synthetic lethers, clothing synthetic lethers, upholstery synthetic lethers, stationery synthetic lethers, shoes lining artificial lethers, slippers line artificial lethers, bags artificial lethers, clothing artificial lethers, upholstery artificial lethers, stationery artificial lethers, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories
    Our kind of synthetic leather products; PVC leather, PU leather. We produce artificial leather; shoes, clothes, cars, houses and is used in the manufacture of office furniture and
    Telephone: +90 342 337 49 40 - +90 342 337 49 41 Address: 2. Org. San. Bölg., Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, No: 14, Başpınar, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • leather, leathers, upholstery, upholsteries, leather upholstery, leather upholsteries, upholstery leather, upholstery leathers, sofa leather, sofa leathers, carpet leather, carpet leathers, furnishing, furnishing leather, furnishings, leather furnishing, leather furnishings, leather for carpet, leather for sofa, leather for upholstery, furnishing for carpet, furnishing for sofa, leather furnishing for carpet, leather furnishing for sofa
    Our company started commercial life on the Sites in 1959 by Ahmet ÖZÇELİK. He first served in the field of Furniture and Decoration. Since 1982, Osman ÖZÇELİK and his brothers
    Telephone: +90 312 348 39 25 Address: Karacakaya Cad. Yapıcı Sokak, No:30 Siteler / ANKARA, TURKEY
  • upholstery cloth, upholstery fabric, drapery fabrics, artificial leathers, contract fabrics
  • artificial leather, artificial leathers, fabrics, upholstery fabrics, upholstery leather fabrics, upholstery artificial leather fabrics, artificial leather for bags, artificial leather for clothes, artificial leather for shoes, artificial leather for belts, artificial leather for agenda, artificial leather for diary
    Alfa Tekstil was founded in 1991. “Our company is supplier and exporter of artificial leathers, upholstery artificial leather fabrics, artificial leather for bags, artificial
    Telephone: +90 212 472 01 75 Address: Ataturk Mah., I.E.T.T. Garajı Yanı S.S. Marmara San. Sitesi, Fuar Teshir Binası, Ikitelli-K.Cekmece 34306 Istanbul, Turkey
  • leather, leathers, upholstery leather, softy leather, antique leather
    Telephone: 90(374)311 34 11 Address: YENİ TABAKHANELER 6.SOKAK NO:10
  • artificial leather, handbag leather, leather, Leather for shoes, leather for upholstery, leathers for garment, nubuck, nubuck leather product, nubuck leathers, synthetic leather, wet white leathers
    We have been in leather business with our 3 generations which stared Leather Manufacturing in mid 50’s, and executed at Turkey in 1974, then establlished MAY LEATHER İNDUSTRY CO.
    Telephone: +90 212 641 64 54  Address: Keresteciler Sitesi, Fatih Cd., No: 19, Merter, Istanbul, Turkey
  • textile products, textile product, leather products, artificial leathers, artificial leather, artificial leather products, imitation leather, upholstery leathers, leather bags, leather garments, leather for upholstery
    ORTEKS is one of Turkey’s leading artificial leather manufacturers / exporters with 50 years of knowledge and experience in coating and lamination sectors. Our facility is
    Telephone: +90 216 591 00 20 Address: İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Yan Sanayi Alanı 34957 Aydınlı, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • synthetic leathers, coated textiles, upholsteries, garments, handbags, shoes, home textile, auto upholsteries, artificial leathers, artificial leather for automotive, artificial leather for bag, artificial leather for garment, artificial leather for shoes, artificial leather for upholstery, synthetic leather, coated textile, upholstery, garment, handbag, shoe, home textiles, auto upholstery, artificial leather, artificial leathers for automotive, artificial leathers for bag, artificial leathers
    Orteks Tekstil Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş is a spinning factory established in Niğde in 1996 with an indoor are of 25,000 m2 and has become an integrated spinning factory that
    Telephone: +90 388 225 00 91 Address: OSB., Bor Yolu, 7. Km., Merkez, Niğde, Turkey
  • leather, upholstery leather, leather garments, leather products, leather products, leather product, leathers, automotive leather industry, yacht leather industry, aircraft leather industry, train leather industry, furniture leather industry
    VARNA DERİ SAN. and TİC. Inc. Has been established in Bursa, which is the heart of the automotive industry by the third generation owners of UYGUNER DERI A.Ş., which has a history
    Telephone: 0 (224) 487 0220 Address: BURSA İHTİSAS DERİ ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 3.SK. NO:1, Bursa
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